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About Us

At Don Basch Jewelers we specialize in ''Making Every Moment Count''. Whether a birthday or anniversary gift for that special someone, an engagement ring for that big day, or the repair of a family heirloom, we have something for everyone on every budget for every occasion!

Our Vision at Don Basch Jewelers:
''To express our gratitude for our customers by creating an
atmosphere of impeccable trust, integrity, and expertise
where customers can always rely on our professionalism
and friendship to assist their needs.''

Don Basch Jewelers is Home of the Exclusive ''Denise Anne'' Diamond, a signature diamond with additional facets for ''Maximum Scintillation'', available in round, princess, and cushion cut styles.

We are also your custom design and repair headquarters. Using the latest technology we can design and create the perfect personalized gift for you. And with over 38 years of in-house repair experience, you can take comfort leaving your treasured jewelry in our trusted hands.

Donald Basch is a proud father of five children, 4 boys and 1 girl, and husband to beautiful wife Denise. Don has over 38 years of experience in jewelry repair and custom design jewelry work. To this day, you will still find Don sitting at his jewelers bench doing what he loves and does best.